Did You Know

did you know

    • The fastest growing plant is bamboo
    • Korea has the best internet service in the world
    • The oldest any human being ever lived is up to age 122

  • The longest anyone held their breath under water was 22 minutes
  • Exercise can help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and depression. It can also help prevent colon cancer, stroke and back injury.
  • Successful people are driven, and they push and shove until the job is done and targets are hit
  • Successful people don’t make excuses, if something goes wrong they look at it as an opportunity
  • You can’t usually smell your own house (or perfume) because of a survival instinct called olfactory adaptation. The brain is always looking for new, unusual, or changing smells as a sign of possible danger, so it ignores smells its familiar with
  • Imagine dealing with your fears to eliminate the fear
  • Did you know that if you master your mind you can have anything you want in this world

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