Roast Of Donald Trump Memes

roast of Donald trump

The roast of Donald Trump is hilarious. Donald Trump gets roast by everybody, when he is done he will be black, burned and over cooked. Seems like he is not black enough, because he keeps jumping in the fire. He runs around like a chicken without a neck that’s about to get roast again and again.

Donald Trump news

Seems like this guy is to smart for his own good. Donald is smart enough to know that running for president will make him more popular, also smart enough to know most of his statement show his dumb side.


Yea you look like a baby who just did something wrong and don’t know which facial expression to choose. Again, you look like a lost puppy needing to get pet by your own.

Donald trump

The world would laugh at your hair. What do you even call that style? Look like the tip of a hat. Looks like Donald is very creative and he has a great sense of humor.

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